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In 2004, Gratia and CCHC (Chinese Christian Herald Crusades) jointly launched the China Children Village. Despite the physical distance and cultural differences, the two organizations cooperated well because of the abundant grace of God. We havelearnt to overcome difficulties, trust each other and utilize our strengths, as the bible has taught us to help each other as members of one body, that we passed the transition period rapidly to become a team with good rapport.

As it is said in Psalm 133, “How good and pleasant it is, when God’s people live together in unity!” Therefore, Executive Director of CHCC Rev. Pak Cheung Lo refers to Gratia as their precious companion, while CHCC is considered by Gratia as theirbest partner as well. In retrospect, I have known Rev. Lo and Mr. Yuen Shu Wah since the 70s, and these two old friends, knowing each other for over 30 years, are the ones who brought about the cooperation between the two parties.

In the beginning Gratia helped the children and other groups in need by donation, but the one thing which touched us the most was taking care of the children, as we would like to provide suitable care and help when a child is the most helpless,so that their life would be turned over. Many of us empathize with those children, as we now walk in a healthy way of life with some achievements since we received favors, encouragement and teachings in our childhood.

In 2004, Rev. Lo revealed that CHCC also hoped to help the destitute children in China; so the two organizations, which shared the same vision, started considering a possible way of cooperation. CHCC, founded in the United States over 20 years ago, hada wide range of human connections, talented staff, and extensive experience in management, so they could provide management personnel for the Children Villages; some current Children Village principals came from North America, which is a case inpoint. Being geographically proximate to China, Gratia was able to supervise the building projects more closely; in addition, Mr. Yuen Shu Wah, founder of Gratia, who had been doing business in China and had a good reputation, was the most suitableperson to become the legal person of Children Village, as government officials in China found him trustworthy. So Gratia and CHCC became partners rapidly, laying the foundation of the elements which led to the success of the China Children Village.

LocationAreasNo. of ChildrensYear in Service
Fu Jian Province San Ming2,086 m263(Max. 120)2005 Aug
Guang Xi Province He Chi 3,376 m2131(Max 160)2008 Feb
Si Chuan Province Sheng Mian4,500 m273(Max. 216)2010 Aug
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