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Education Scheme

At present, the incomes of some residents of remote villages or mountainous regions in China are relatively low and their lives are difficult. Having education is one of the effective ways to solve their generations of poverty. Nine-year free education has been implemented. Yet, high school students are required to pay tuition and other miscellaneous fees. Some students from poor families have to drop out of school because they cannot afford these expenses. In view of this, the Gratia Education Scheme was established in 2004 to provide subsidies to high school students with financial difficulties. In 2009, the University Student Education Scheme was launched to provide financial assistance to students with hardship but good academic results to realize their university dream. Students are encouraged to study hard, contribute to the society and give back to the country in the future.

High School Student Education Scheme

University Student Education Scheme


Hard-working students with financial difficulties (very low income household, parents with illness, disabilities or without working abilities)  

Sponsored high school graduates with hardship, being admitted to regular undergraduate program in university

Screening Process

Deprived students apply for financial aids through schools. Gratia Foundation makes screening for the applications submitted by the schools.

Individual students submit application for financial aids which are assessed by Gratia Foundation.

Amount of Subsidy

RMB 1,000 to 1,500 per student yearly (released in two semesters)

RMB 3,000 to 6,000 per student yearly

Regions covered

Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Sichuan, Guizhou

Universities across the country

No of sponsored students

(until 2022)



Giving Back to Hometown Activities

To nurture the spirit of caring and gratitude, sponsored university students are mobilized to be volunteers and organize activities and services for their home villages during holidays such as day camps for secondary school students, tutoring deprived children in Gratia Children Home or visiting elderly in nursing homes. By participating in these voluntary activities, the university students set a good example for junior students, share positive thinking of facing adversity and difficulties as well as develop personal strength. University students are encouraged to make contribution to society and thus a better tomorrow for the country is created.

Sponsored High School Students

Gratia Staff Visiting University Students                          

University Student Education Scheme

Sponsored University Students Participating in Voluntary Service

Giving Back to Hometown Activity

Graduation of University Students

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